ThermoShipperTM        Patent Number 6,875,486


  • ThermoShipper™ is an innovative, cost-effective solution that eliminates complications caused by dry ice.
  • This new packaging technology is suitable for extended-time domestic or international shipping. It has two different temperature ranges to satisfy all your shipping needs.
  • Custom Pack and Ship(CPS) patented ThermoShipper™ container provides a radiant barrier film that reflects 97% of all radiant heat, including direct sunlight.
  • Our container also provides up to 10 times the insulating ability of a typical Styrofoam cooler. Also, by utilizing the correct refrigerant packs, goods can be shipped and temperatures maintained whether the product is frozen (0ЕC) or negative frozen (-20ЕC).
  • The 0ЕC refrigerant pack protects materials at freezing temperatures. Also, by wrapping a product in bubble wrap or some other form of insulation, fresh products requiring temperatures ranging from 1-8ЕC can be maintained. The -20ЕC phase change pack handles negative freezing requirements. Products including food items such as meat and ice cream will require the -20Е C pack. Also, each pack features a sweat resistant outer layer that absorbs moisture and eliminates any damage caused by condensation.
  • CPS has an unsurpassed reputation for quality service includes trained personnel throughout the CPS network following established perishables procedures recognized worldwide.
  • The fee for ThermoShipper™ includes the container, refrigerant, interior protective bag, special handling & material management. The shipment of dry ice shipping requires a number of individual costs that routinely exceed the cost of CPS ThermoShipper™